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Welcome to From Law to Grace.  After much thought about entering the world of blogging, I have finally decided to begin this blog.  With my background in political science, law, and religion, this blog will give me an opportunity to comment on issues where law and religion (and to a certain extent, politics) intersect.  Not only within our culture at large, but within the Southern Baptist Convention, the intersection of these issues happens on a daily basis.

After reading many blogs over the last few years, particularly those dealing with the Southern Baptist Convention, I hope to add a new and different voice to the conversation.  So many times, blog posts and comments end up producing more heat than light.  It will be my intent with this blog to reasonably and passionately discuss and debate our culture, our churches, and our Southern Baptist Convention.  All civil comments will be gladly welcomed and encouraged, especially from those who may disagree with my analysis and commentary.  Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to the opportunity to dialogue with those who take the time to read and comment.  God bless.

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4 comments for “Welcome to From Law to Grace

  1. Tikatu
    July 3, 2010 at 8:21 AM

    I’ve read your first three comments and find them fascinating. Your perspective is unique and I’ve added you to my favorites.

    If you are interested in a case where faith, SBC church politics, legal entities, and freedom of speech are all mixed up in a big messy tangle, check out fbcjaxwatchdog. There’s been plenty of talk about the SBC there, but the blog was started by a man who was protesting the excesses of the pastoral staff in his church… and snowballed into so much more. You may find it interesting.

    Thanks for starting this blog. I’m looking forward to hearing more from you.

    • July 3, 2010 at 10:05 AM

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I am familiar with fbcjaxwatchdog and have read that blog from time to time, especially when the the legal issues surrounding the watchdog and others were in full swing at FBCJax. One of the reasons that I jumped into the blog world is the elitist attitude that appears to be displayed by some within the SBC, particularly by some within the megachurches. I am disappointed with some of the aspects of the GCRTF report, especially as it redefines, in my opinion, what it means to be a cooperating Southern Baptist. That the report was sealed for 15 years (which I will post on soon) is troubling on many levels. I have been a life-long conservative Southern Baptist and see many similarities between what is happening in our federal government and what is happening within the SBC. I do hope to bring a unique perspective to the debate and I look forward to dialoguing with you and others along the way. God bless,


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