Adam Baldwin: A Conservative Voice in Hollywood

Adam Baldwin may not be as famous as the four Baldwin Brothers (Daniel, Alec, Billy, Stephen), but he certainly seems to be the most grounded of any Baldwins working in Hollywood today.  One of the stars of NBC’s Chuck, Adam Baldwin is that rare bird in Tinseltown — an out-of-the-closet and outspoken conservative.  How refreshing.

Adam Baldwin has been working steadily in Hollywood since 1980.  From his eclectic roles of Jayne Cobb in the cult television classic Firefly to Animal Mother in Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, Baldwin has made a name for himself as an actor.  But, Adam sees himself as more than just an actor:

“It was never the fame or fortune that drove me to act. It was something I love and enjoy doing it. A lot of people identify who they are by what they do and that’s not me. It’s what I do but not who I am. Who I am is a parent. I’m a family man.” (see here)

How many people — actors or otherwise — would have such a clear perspective on life?  I would venture to guess not too many.  In a culture dominated by narcissism and selfishness, Adam Baldwin stands up for that which is decent and noble in our society.  I like that I can like that about him.

You see, Adam is one of those actors that I have always liked, probably because I have fond memories of watching him in one of my favorite movies from my adolescence — My Bodyguard (1980).  In what was his first role, Mr. Baldwin played Linderman, a high school loner who just happened to be bigger than everyone else.  With a troubled past of his own, he rejected friendships with anyone.  That is, until he became friends with Clifford (Chris Makepeace).

Clifford — a scrawny kid — would get beat up routinely by the school bully, Moody (Matt Dillon).  However, Clifford got the bright idea to hire Linderman as his “bodyguard.”  Standing next to Clifford, Linderman would turn the tables on Moody and the other punks who were harassing  the weaker kids at school.  In a final showdown, Clifford finally has enough courage to take on Moody and vanquish the bully once and for all.  But, he would never have had the courage without his relationship with Linderman.  I think scrawny kids of every generation can relate to Clifford and Linderman in My Bodyguard.

Whether he realizes it or not, Adam Baldwin continues to stand up for those who may not have the courage to stand for themselves.  In a post entitled, Retarded Leftist Projection: The Dark Soul of Collectivism,” published on April 28 at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism site, Baldwin calls out the leftists in this country for their narcissistic view of humanity in general and their exploitation of children in particular:

Why Leftists feel compelled to dehumanize their fellow man in order to make political hay is easily explained. They need control over others to perpetuate their anti-humanitarian ideology. An ideology whose own intellectual disability agitates for, and all too often has achieved the prior restraint of centralized population control, economic control, even thought control (i.e., Political Correctness “hate crime”).

As much as Leftists covet other people’s money, they seem to detest other people’s children — unless of course those children can be exploited as political props; human shield victim-mascots used in pursuit of narcissistic political ends.

I would highly encourage you to read the rest of Adam’s piece.  What he says resonates with a lot of Americans — perhaps even the silent majority in this country who are tired of the leftist bullies in academia, the media, the government, and the culture at large (including Hollywood) beating up on the values that have made this country great.  I for one say “thanks” to Adam Baldwin for being a vigilant bodyguard for the least of these in our society!

7 comments for “Adam Baldwin: A Conservative Voice in Hollywood

  1. April 29, 2011 at 4:18 PM

    Loved that movie “My Bodyguard.”

  2. April 29, 2011 at 4:24 PM

    I always assumed he was related to the Baldwin brothers. Surprised to find out he is not.

    • April 29, 2011 at 4:32 PM


      Adam is actually from Chicago whereas the Baldwin brothers are from New York. I think My Bodyguard still holds up well. Anytime that someone can beat up (on screen) a character played by Matt Dillon is a movie worth watching 🙂

  3. No Way
    July 23, 2012 at 10:07 AM

    He’s a borderline Tea Party crackpot, and he’s going to ruin “Law & Order: SVU”.

  4. Lana
    February 1, 2013 at 1:37 AM

    He’s a registered democrat, and not related to any Baldwin, tg.

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