Tebow Derangement Syndrome: Season 2

With Denver Broncos’ new head coach, John Fox, looking increasingly like he will start mediocre Kyle Orton at quarterback when the NFL season gets underway next month, one is reminded of the special talent that is Tim Tebow.  James A. Smith, Sr., Editor of The Florida Baptist Witness, has a great article up entitled “It’s not hard to root for Tim Tebow.”

While I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Smith about the ease of which football fans — particularly Christians — can root for Tebow (as a life-long F.S.U. Seminoles’ fan who married into a Gator family almost 20 years ago, I can personally attest to that fact), there are a good many people who find it easy to root against Tim Tebow.  Some of these are former NFL players — now football analysts on television — who, for whatever reason, appear to not want Tim Tebow to succeed in the National Football League. 

In listening to Brian Griese, a former Bronco himself and now a sports commentator for a local Denver station, call the pre-season game between Denver and Dallas last Thursday, you would have thought he was working for the Cowboys.  Almost every comment from Griese, a  non-Heisman Trophy winning Michigan quarterback who was a bust in the NFL, was negative when it came to just about anything concerning the play of Tim Tebow.  I was almost tempted to turn it to the Dallas broadcast of the game.  Perhaps they would have been fairer to Tebow than Griese.  

When this young man — arguably one of the best college quarterbacks of all time — finally gets his chance to shine on the professional football field, a new wave of Tebow Derangement Syndrome is sure to break out across the country.   But, Christians — both fans and non-fans of football — will not only be immune from TDS, but should find it easy to root for such a wonderful witness for the cause of Christ.  That is, unless he’s playing against your favorite team.  I think even Tim Tebow would forgive you for that!


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