Tim Tebow, Denver’s Duplicity & Legends Who Fall!

Wow! I’m stunned that John Elway was able to pull off another miracle finish, allowing him not only to rid the Broncos of Tim Tebow and Tebowmania, but in the process stick it to the Colts once again. I guess that Standford degree really came in handy this time.

With the perception that Elway, Fox, Xanders, and owner Pat Bowlen — whom Tim Tebow made some money and helped lead the Broncos to their first play-off appearance since 2005 — were duplicitous in their dealings with the former University of Florida quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner, it’s perhaps a fitting end to this sorry spectacle.

Whether or not the reality matches the perception — that Elway and company have been less than honest in their dealings with Tim Tebow — will perhaps be the great unanswered question. I fully expect that Tebow will say the right and charitable things publicly, even though privately he might understand that his trust — or lack thereof — in the Denver Broncos’ management has been verified and found severely wanting.

Those who excuse the Broncos’ behavior during their chase for Manning as “just business” must operate with a different business ethic than most reputable businesses operate under. If by “just business” you mean management speaking out of both sides of their mouth, then John Elway could be said to have great business skills. Did it ever occur to any current or future Denver Broncos’ players that the way management – particularly John Elway — treated Tim Tebow will most likely be the way that he treats them?

While the Broncos’ public courtship of Peyton Manning may or may not have taken Tebow by surprise, the turn of events certainly did not take God by surprise. And, whatever spin that Elway and Fox try to put on their shabby treatment of a man who deserved much better, God will also know that the words their mouths speak may not sqaure with the truth.

Despite the poor facade that John Elway exhibited this past year — even when Denver was winning — we at least now know the truth of his and the Broncos’ true feelings regarding Tim Tebow. For Tebow, the truth of Elway’s apparent duplicity and dislike can now set him free to go to a team that truly values him as a football player and as a person, in a way that Elway obviously did not.

For Mr. Elway, Mr. Bowlen, and Mr. Fox, the hard truth of what happens to those who are, shall we say, less than forthright in their dealings with others, will become a reality next fall. Makes me think of one of my favorite movies, “The Legends of the Fall.” Or, maybe that should just be re-named, “Legends Who Fall.” And fall hard! I hope John enjoys the free fall. Well, not exactly free.



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  1. cb scott
    March 19, 2012 at 10:21 PM

    I stated this on Denny’s blog.

    Adversity to a Tebow is like red meat to a wolf. He comes from a spiritually strong and tough family. They are the real deal.—-All of them.

    Elway could throw a football. But, in my opinion, he was never a stand up guy. The true difference between Timmy and John Elway will come to light and the Kingdom of God will be glorified. Wait and see.

    • March 19, 2012 at 10:39 PM


      Hope things are well with you in AL, cuz 🙂 I completely agree with you about Tim’s spiritual strength and that of his family. I do not know any of them personally, but he does seem to possess a genuine faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, which is why I think that people in the media and in the sports world can’t stand him. They will never admit that it’s anti-Christian bias, but what other young quarterback, with his winning record, has been treated like Tebow? When Elway and company say it’s about wins and then they move the goalposts after Tebow helps the Broncos win, including a playoff win against the Steelers, it’s not hard to figure out that there’s more to football going on. I think that God will use this situation to further His plans for Tim’s life and to ultimately bring honor and glory to Himself. Elway might understand football (that is debatable), but he does not understand the ways of God. I, for one, can’t wait to see how God will confound the wisdom of the so-called football experts. Thanks for reading and taking the time to share your thoughts. God bless,


  2. Job
    March 21, 2012 at 11:19 AM

    Tim Tebow was traded to the New York Jets for a 4th round pick.

    I bet the New York Post is thrilled. The New York Times, the Nation, Salon and Village Voice: not so much. Jeremy Lin being an outspoken Christian athlete in New York (and before him David Tyree, Allan Houston and Charlie Ward) is one thing because they are “minorities.” But with him in New York … what a place for the culture war (where even Republicans like Rudy Giuliani put on dresses and ride in gay pride parades)!

    However, if Tebow is going to take advantage of this (so ideal that it seems providential) opportunity, Tebow is going to have to actually become a better football player than Mark Sanchez. And that will be the real challenge. (P.S. Mark Sanchez was raised evangelical. I wonder if he still is.)

    • March 21, 2012 at 10:21 PM


      I think that God must have a sense of humor in allowing Tim Tebow to be traded to the Jets. I do think that God also has a purpose and plan for Tebow in all of this, ultimately that God might receive the honor and glory. I am looking forward to seeing how God will use Tim in one of the greatest mission fields in the world — New York City! Thanks and God bless,


  3. Job
    March 21, 2012 at 10:33 PM

    Pastor Scott:

    Well, there IS a huge, dedicated effort to plant SBC churches in New York. I first read about it in the Christian Index (the same that is known to take a swipe at the Particular Baptists from time to time!) and it caught the attention of the New York Times a few months ago too:


    The NAMB is investing $20 million in that effort. Curious that Gallery Church, the one that the NYTimes chose to mention specifically, is an elder-ruled (though not Acts 29 Network) congregation.

  4. Stephen Fox
    March 22, 2012 at 4:47 PM

    It woulda been better for everybody had Peyton not had the neck injury. It does bring out the cynicism everywhere for things to play out for all this way.
    I still think highly of the Mannings. Liked the book about four years ago on them a lot.
    And if say I lived in Mississippi and Archie was running against Tebow’s Mom or Dad for US Senate, well no brainer here; I’d go with Archie all the way.
    That said, I did like Tim’s Dad’s grace in the SI cover story few years ago.
    With a little luck things will work out with the Jets. As for the culture war, the site religiondispatches.org and their champion of late Giberson and Stephens bring more to the table than the Tebow Family.
    Jockocracy doesn’t necessarily translate to wisdom and virtue in the public square, but when he keeps his Mom and Jerry Vines out of politics, Well Tebow so far may bring more to the table than Franklin Graham.
    Hope that helps define the situation a little for some of you, or you have better idea where I’m coming from

  5. Job
    March 22, 2012 at 6:44 PM

    “but when he keeps his Mom and Jerry Vines out of politics, Well Tebow so far may bring more to the table than Franklin Graham”

    Yes, I know where you are coming from with comments like that, and it is obvious that you and I are not coming from the same place.

    http://www.religiondispatches.org? Apostasy that will be forever punished in the lake of fire brings nothing to any “table” but abomination.

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