Tim Tebow, Ashley Madison & America’s Moral Abyss

Just when you think that the Tim Tebow story can’t get any more bizarre, along comes internet “dating” website Ashley Madison (“Life is short. Have an Affair”) to offer a $1 million bounty on the New York Jets’ quarterback. Not to be confused with a New Orleans Saints’ bounty — which was also morally repugnant — Ashley Madison’s bounty will be given to anyone (I’m assuming both men or women) who can provide proof that Tim Tebow is not, in fact, a virgin, as he has long claimed. I thought it would be hard to top New England Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski’s crude comment about Tebow’s virginity, but I think this easily beats Gronk. That, in itself, is pretty pathetic. And, it is further evidence of America’s rapid descent into the moral abyss.

Who could even imagine 15 years ago that a website would not only offer a bounty to prove someone’s immorality, but that this same website (which I will not link to) — itself a purveyor of immorality — proudly boasts that it is the “most recognized name in infidelity.” Regardless of one’s opinion of Tim Tebow and regardless of whether or not one believes that the Ten Commandments (including the prohibition against adultery) is true, there should be a general revulsion at the Madison bounty. You don’t even have to go all Pat Robertson — talking about “God’s punishment of the wicked,” — but if there was ever a reason for God’s righteous judgment, it would be for such evil and despicable schemes as the proprietors of Ashley Madison have unveiled.

Why should we be surprised, though, at the reprehensible actions of a website which promotes adultery? This is simply par for the course in our sex-saturated culture. I’m quite sure that Ashley Madison’s founder, Noel Biderman, is so warped in his moral view that he cannot even distinguish good from evil. According to Scripture, that’s not an enviable position for Biderman (or anyone else) to be in:

Woe to  those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! (Isaiah 5:20, ESV)

When committing adultery is considered good and remaining a virgin until marriage is considered bad and, when killing an unborn baby is considered good and giving birth to a Down’s Syndrome baby is considered bad, we have lurched precipitously closer to the moral abyss. How has our culture become so enamored with the dark and so embittered against the light? Has our culture become so debased that people would cheer, not just for Tim Tebow’s defeat on the football field (which is legitimate and understandable), but would also cheer his moral defeat as well? What does that say about individuals who would take pleasure in the moral failings of others?

Before you answer that question, put yourself in the shoes of Tim Tebow — the man, not the football player. Better yet, imagine Tim Tebow as your son, grandson, brother, or best friend. If people started actively rooting for you or someone you know to fall flat on their face — morally speaking — how would you feel? If someone was betting for your marriage to fail or for your son to mess up his life by getting hooked on drugs, would you view that as morally neutral or as morally repugnant? Would you simply laugh it off, not paying attention to the pleasure that others would have in your demise?

These are questions that we cannot ignore, particularly if we want America to avoid the moral abyss. In the end, this is not really about Tim Tebow. It is about our culture and the culture that we will leave our children and grandchildren. Most folks will either choose to ignore Ashley Madison’s vulgar bounty. Many will be tempted to ridicule Tim Tebow’s virginity. Some will defend Ashley Madison. That’s all well and good, but at the end of the day, “all that is needed for the forces of evil to succeed is for enough good men to remain silent.”  Too many good men and women have remained silent in the face of evil. When that happens, the moral adulterers of the world win. And, that’s not gonna be good for anybody! Let your voices be heard!


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  1. April 25, 2012 at 3:18 PM

    Sad really. I read this and Dr. Mohler’s blogpost about the US Government members playing a key part in the demand for worldwide sex trafficing today, and have that sick feeling in my stomach.

    Of course, the website in question actually cares little about Tebow’s fall or anyone succeeding in their challenge. It’s a viral stunt created to get free advertising nationwide among football fans. Sad moment, culturally speaking.

    • April 25, 2012 at 3:39 PM


      I agree that this is more a publicity stunt more than anything else, but it does serve to illustrate the moral depravity that is rampant in our culture. You will certainly have a large mission field in NYC, but the fields will be white unto harvest. God is sovereign and He will turn into good what others design for evil. Thanks and God bless,


  2. cb scott
    April 25, 2012 at 4:17 PM

    I was with Bob Tebow in the Philippines. I helped him get the BTEA started. I remember praying all night long when Pam was giving birth to Timmy that he would be born without harm to him or his mother. The Tebows and the Scotts spent some good time together back in the 80s.

    This saddens my soul for this good family. The whole crew are the real deal. The Tebows along with my wife and children are far better and more civilized people that me.

    I am older now and much slower and not anywhere as fast or strong with my hands and feet as at one time, but when I read England Patriots’ tight end and low-life pig Rob Gronkowski’s trashy comments about Timmy, I thought to myself, “cb, if you could call back about 25 years you could go find ole Rob and help that boy come to the harsh reality that a skilled warrior will defeat and humiliate pigs who play boy’s games every time.” But, alas time has taken its toll and I am not who nor what I was. (Thank you, Jesus) Maybe that is a good thing. For sure it is a good thing for the pig from New England.

    Yet, in a more calm mood and Spirit captivated mind after my first thoughts, I realize that Tim Tebow stands in the protection of Almighty God. He shall be lifted up on the wings of eagles and his life will be a witness for Jesus in the city of Hell’s Kitchen. In addition, may God’s Spirit convict Rob Gronkowski that he is a sinner before a just and righteous God and may he repent and embrace the biblical gospel and be born-again. I am beyond sure that would be a far better thing than having his knees and hands broken by a former Vandal and Visigoth.

    Well Cuz, there is my rant and I am stickin’ to it.

    • April 25, 2012 at 5:41 PM


      I agree with your rant and I’m glad that your’re stickin’ to it! That is neat how you helped Bob Tebow begin his evangelistic association. From everything I have read about the Tebows, they do seem like the “real deal.” Of course, no one is perfect and Tim would probably be the first to say that. But, he has been a wonderful Christian role model for many people. My wife and I have three sons, the oldest of whom is 12 going on 30 🙂 We were driving in the car a couple of weeks ago talking about the future and how we would want our boys to grow up and said that turning out like Tim Tebow (not necessarily the football prowess, but the moral character) would be pretty swell.

      I have no doubt that God has His hand on Tim. I was not a NY Jets’ fan at all, but Tim has made me one. I went to FSU Law School and was a lifelong Seminole fan, but became a die-hard Gator fan because of Tim Tebow (and that after I had married into a Gator family 15 years earlier). Tim Tebow will have a huge impact on New York. Maybe even on Rob Gronkowski. Let our lights shine wherever we are. Thanks for the “rant.” Hope you have a great night and week. God bless,

      Cousin Howell

      • April 25, 2012 at 6:13 PM

        I have been a Patriots fan for a long time, coming from New England as a transplant from VA. However, this has sickened me to the core. don’t think my cheers will be in that direction and I do wish Tim Tebow the absolute best in his career in NY. I pray God gets hold of Gronkowski and jerks a knot in his head. I join CB in prayer for him. I also pray God’s empowering strength and power upon Tim as he stands as an ambassador for Christ in the city of everything-goes the way of Lucifer. May he help bring an awakening in that area the likes we’ve never seen.

        to the decadence of humanity, Howell, it is simply prophetic and a sign of the times. as long as we have breath, we will stand shoulder to shoulder to denounce the ilk of this pathetic soul who seeks to bring glory to herself through this trash. May God cause unrest in her soul and lead someone into her life to bring her to a saving knowledge of the Jesus she so ridicules and rebukes with her lack of moral purity or respect. selahV

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