Boston Terrorists, Philly Abortionists & Evil Among Us!

In what can only be described as an unmitigated act of evil, someone (or a group of someones) carried out a deadly terrorist attack at the iconic Boston Marathon, in the capital city known as “The Cradle of Liberty.” Like most of America, I spent much of Monday watching the non-stop coverage of what the White House now describes as “an act of terrorism.” Regardless of who ultimately is responsible for this evil act, it’s quite evident that this individual or group has not the first clue about real liberty. However, as President Obama rightly stated, there will be justice for all involved. If not on this side of eternity, then on the other side in a very real place called hell! Cowardly terrorists can run, but they cannot hide from the Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent Creator of the Universe.

Likewise, abortionists like Dr. Kermit Gosnell can run, deny, seek to hide, and otherwise try to evade responsibility for the evil they commit, but they too will face judgment — sooner or later.  Gosnell, who has been charged with the most heinous and evil of acts committed against the most innocent in our society — babies who were born alive, but who survived the savage murderer’s initial attempts at snuffing out their young lives — faces justice in a Philadelphia courtroom. How ironic that in the “City of Brotherly Love,” there was such a vicious display of hate that led a “doctor” to not only disregard, but to destroy the tiniest and most vulnerable of human beings. Apparently Dr. Gosnell forgot that part of the Hippocratic Oath (Modern Version) which states:

I will remember that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm.”

How can a member of any civilized society — much less a medical doctor — do what is alleged in this case?

NBC-10 Philadelphia reported that, Stephen Massof, a former Gosnell worker, “described how he snipped the spinal cords of babies, calling it, ‘literally a beheading. It is separating the brain from the body.” One former worker, Adrienne Moton, testified that Gosnell taught her his “snipping” technique to use on infants born alive.”

I suppose the same kind of question can be asked in the wake of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack on Patriots’ Day: How can someone plant and detonate bombs with the intent to maim and kill as many innocent bystanders as possible? The answer to both questions comes down to one word — EVIL! There can be no other way to describe the heinous, wicked acts that took place in Boston on Monday or the truly vile, disgusting, heart-wrenching murders of babies born alive in Kermit Gosnell’s abortion mill.

Evil is still very much a present reality in our world today. We are daily reminded of the evil among us, sometimes on a grand scale like Boston, Philadelphia or 9/11. While we maybe saddened by the evil that confronts our society, we should not be surprised by it. Even though some try to deny, excuse, or ignore that evil exists (see the lack of coverage of the Gosnell trial by the mainstream media for evidence of the latter), America will cease to be a civilized culture if the majority of our citizens turn a blind eye to atrocities committed, not just be terrorists, but by doctors who inch ever closer to infanticide. Surely even my liberal, pro-abortion (or pro-choice, if you prefer) friends can understand that killing babies born alive cannot be condoned in any way, shape, or form if we want to remain a nation committed to the ideal, “with liberty and justice for all.”

Evil, in all its various forms, will take root and spring up like a vile weed, infesting an otherwise beautiful garden. It takes much vigilance to prevent the weeds from taking over. Complacency, inattention, and apathy are the fertilizer that allows evil to grow at an alarming rate. Is it too early to sound the alarm? Is it already too late? Do good men and women dare to speak? Do our actions — or lack thereof — speak louder than words?

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”
Dietrich Bonhoeffer


5 comments for “Boston Terrorists, Philly Abortionists & Evil Among Us!

  1. Judy
    April 16, 2013 at 1:25 PM

    It seems like it has become just as taboo to mention atrocities against newborn babies as it is for babies in the womb. It hasn’t taken long for our culture to jump that hurdle. Who is next on the list of the inconvenient and bothersome? Common sense tells us that everyone will eventually end up on that list. I am so thankful I have a pastor that will stand up.

    • April 16, 2013 at 2:04 PM


      Thanks for your comment. You are right that it will not take long for our culture to jump the next hurdle to mistreat the “next on the list of the inconvenient and bothersome.” As Obamacare kicks in over the next few years, I believe the elderly and infirm will be moved to the top of the list. How a society treats the youngest (including the unborn) and the oldest says much about the morality of a culture. I don’t particularly like what I hear our culture saying and I’m not optimistic that it will get any better. Thanks again for reading and for the encouraging words. God bless,


      • Bennett Willis
        April 16, 2013 at 6:02 PM

        The old death panel experience, eh? How will you tell? Nine years ago my wife was in a “long term care hospital.” When she stopped getting either better or worse, the insurance company would no longer support her staying there–at a “book price” of about $5K/day. The only nursing facilities that would take someone on a breathing machine were about 150 miles from here. So she came home on a breathing machine, feeding tube and all the trimmings.

        I suspect that, if this were done after Obamacare kicks in fully, you would claim this was a death panel decision. But it was done by a private insurance company. I don’t expect that you will be able to tell the difference. Hard decisions will be made and we will move on.

  2. Barbara Silva
    April 16, 2013 at 3:44 PM

    Wonderful, thought-provoking article Pastor Howell. I had to share it. The two groups Jesus told us to care for were the widowed and the orphan. I have always taken that to include the elderly and all children without the means or family to care for them. There is definitely an evil and heartlessness faction in our world today that feel these two groups are disposable. We may not see justice this side of heaven but it will come to these people. But the more frightening fact is that good people are doing nothing to stop the evil. Judgement awaits each of us for our action or inaction as well. Thank you for continuing to speak out and doing your best to warn us of our responsibilities in this fight. Blessings and love!

    • April 16, 2013 at 4:20 PM


      Thanks for your words. Our society definitely is experiencing an increase in evil and heartlessness. The most vulnerable — both young and old — are seen as less than human and disposable. If we don’t continue to speak out, then we should not be surprised that evil takes root and chokes out the good in our culture. Thanks for your always encouraging words. God bless,


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