On Obama Scandals, the Stubborn Facts Will Speak!

When it comes to the State Department’s Benghazi fiasco, the I.R.S.’ abuse of power, and the Justice Department’s unprecedented and massive intrusion into AP’s news gathering process, it’s often tempting to get ahead of the facts. Just because the Obama Administration disregards the facts — or selectively edits out the facts that it deems not pertinent — does not mean that conservatives have to respond in kind. I know from personal experience that this is hard to do sometimes. However, conservatives, and others who vehemently oppose most everything this Administration stands for, should let the facts of each of these scandals speak for themselves. At least that is the advice that Charles Krauthammer, one of conservatism’s most well-respected voices, gives in his most recent column,  “Redacted Truth, subjunctive outrage,” published Thursday in The Washington Post:

Note to GOP re Benghazi: Stop calling it Watergate, Iran-contra, bigger than both, etc. First, it might well be, but we don’t know. History will judge. Second, overhyping will only diminish the importance of the scandal if it doesn’t meet presidency-breaking standards. Third, focusing on the political effects simply plays into the hands of Democrats desperately claiming that this is nothing but partisan politics.

Let the facts speak for themselves. They are damning enough. Let Gregory Hicks, the honorable, apolitical second-in-command that night in Libya, movingly and grippingly demolish the president’s Benghazi mantra that “what I have always tried to do is just get all the facts” and “every piece of information that we got, as we got it, we laid it out for the American people.” . . .

Whether or not one believes that President Obama has indeed tried to “get all the facts” when it comes to the three major scandals affecting his own Administration, facts have a way of surfacing, no matter how hard some try to keep them submerged. Of course, those facts will be interpreted through our own personal lenses. President Obama’s most ardent supporters will never be convinced — no matter what the evidence — that he or his Administration has done anything wrong. Likewise, the President’s most vociferous opponents will never believe — regardless of what the facts say — that he is innocent of the most horrendous charges of malfeasance or misfeasance.

So, what do we do with the Benghazi scandal or the politicization of the I.R.S. in its targeting of conservative groups or the Obama Justice Department’s apparent assaults on a Free (if biased) Press? Let the facts speak. Those facts, which may very well need an Independent Counsel to ferret out, will eventually come be revealed. I firmly believe that the truth is more powerful than a lie. It may not seem that way at the moment, but conservatives would do well to be reminded and encouraged by President Ronald Reagan’s maxim, “Facts are stubborn things.”  That’s good news for the American people, but perhaps not so much for the Obama Administration.


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  1. May 17, 2013 at 7:09 AM

    Republicans sound like a bunch of children in a sandbox , ” He looked at me – He looked at ME !” Yes , and it’s the IRS’s job to keep looking for corporations that bend the 501 C 3 & C 4 rules . Some Nazi guy just left Georgia and went to Montana and either bought or built a 3 Million dollar home with tax free dough . He would screem if we didn’t look at a conservative or 8 or so . ” It bothers me when they look at me !” . Maybe it’s time to grow up and straighten up . Facts stand up – so tell them . Two IRS employees have been nailed – not enough? Get some Republican rope and a couple of strawberry NEHIs and let’s spend the day .

    • May 17, 2013 at 9:12 AM


      There are certainly times when Republicans, as well as Democrats when they were in the opposition, display a childlike mentality. The danger of this sort of “cry wolf” behavior is that when real abuse and corruption occurs — as seems likely in the case of the I.R.S. scandal — politicians on the opposite side of the aisle and the general public tend not to give much credence to the new charges. Based on the facts that we already know, including the IG’s report and admissions by some involved, there seems to have been wrongdoing, not just by two IRS employees, but many more. Let’s let the facts and the evidence decide who and how many. Thanks for stopping by this morning. God bless,


  2. May 18, 2013 at 9:39 PM

    One of the articles of impeachment for Nixon was using the IRS to harass political enemies. Seems it is now the new normal.

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