You Cannot Peacefully Co-Exist With Evil!

Let’s all just get along. How, pray tell, do you get along with evil?  Is it possible or even advisable to desire to live with those who are, at their core, evil? The simple answer, which so many Pro-Palestinian (i.e., anti-Semitic) sympathizers either do not understand or willfully choose to ignore, is that good and evil cannot co-exist. Creating a separate Palestinian state will not solve this problem. In fact, celebrations that we witnessed in Gaza following today’s deadly synagogue attack by “lone wolves” shows that an evil ideology runs deep, not just in Palestinian streets, but in hearts as well:

“The violence was met with celebration from Palestinians, as revelers in the Gazan city of Rafah handed out candy and brandished axes and posters of the suspects in praise of the deadly attack, according to the Jerusalem Post. Hamas-affiliated social media also circulated violent and anti-Semitic cartoons hailing the killings.” (“Palestinians celebrate ‘lone wolf’ attack on Jerusalem synagogue”)

How many “lone wolf” attacks perpetrated by Muslims against “infidels” in Israel and in the United States do we have to withstand before we begin to realize that the threat from radical Islam is a far greater problem than some (i.e., certain politicians) want to admit? When do we begin to understand that good and evil (light and darkness) cannot co-exist?

From Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement with evil-incarnate, Adolph Hitler, in the now-infamous Munich Agreement, to today’s dissembling world leaders (including our own bumbling, completely clueless Secretary of State, John Kerry), there is blindness towards evil.  As the saying goes, “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.”

When we have leaders who continue to appease evil, particularly evil directed against the Jewish people, we will get the same results in the early part of this century — albeit on a much grander scale if radical Muslims get their hands on nuclear weapons — than we witnessed in the middle of the 20th Century.

But, in order to not appease evil, you must recognize the evil that is right in front of you. You cannot, as John Kerry tried, explain it away as a consequence of political incitement:

“Kerry blamed the attack on Palestinian calls for “days of rage,” and said Palestinian leaders must take serious steps to refrain from such incitement. He also urged Palestinian leaders to condemn the attack “in the most powerful terms.”

Does anyone really believe that if the Palestinian leaders had not called for “days of rage” that we would not end up with these savage attacks nonetheless?  If only Israel would stop provoking the Palestinians, then Hamas would play nice with Israel. If only Israel would cede control of Jerusalem to the Palestinians, then peace will magically reign in the City of David. Those are delusional fantasies that only Pro-Palestinian sympathizers, including many within our own government and the governments of Western Europe (surprise, surprise) could believe.

You cannot play nice with evil.  You cannot co-exist with evil. You cannot give in to evil.  You cannot appease evil.  You cannot wink at evil.  You cannot cozy up to evil.  If World War II taught us anything, it is that turning a blind eye to evil will get six million Jews slaughtered.

It is time to take the blinders off. There will never be peaceful co-existence between radicalized Muslims — including the Hamas-led Palestinians — unless and until they renounce their evil.  I look for that to occur when Israel renounces it’s God-given right to Jerusalem and all of the Promised Land.  In other words, not gonna happen!


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