Orwell & World Vision’s Capitulation on Gay Marriage

URGENT UPDATE: Less than 48 hours after World Vision U.S. stunned the Evangelical Christian community with its decision to allow the hiring of gay Christians in same-sex marriages, the Christian charity reversed its decision. In announcing this reversal, Richard Stearns, … Continue reading

Weekend 7: John 3:16, Gay Ordination & Leadership

  What do John 3:16, Gay Ordination, and Leadership have in common? They have all been in the news this week. It’s been a while since I have written a “Weekend 7″ post. To be exact, my last such post was … Continue reading

Romney’s Biggest Lie: “All children of the same God.”

Leave it to a liberal, Southern Baptist, Obama-loving Facebook friend (no, that’s not an oxymoron ) to point out Mitt Romney’s biggest lie in last night’s Town Hall Debate. After watching the debate and the post-debate spin (mostly on Fox … Continue reading

Moderate Baptists: The Road Less Traveled & Cliffs Ahead!

“This conference, announced with such fanfare, may well prove to be the undoing of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.  I have no doubt that other sexual ethics topics will be addressed, but homosexuality will be THE topic which garners the most … Continue reading

Fire Destroys Grundy, VA Church: Is God Still Good?

God is good, all the time — All the time, God is good!” It was a phrase that was well used, even before I arrived as Pastor of Grundy Baptist Church in January 2002.  Located in the far southwestern part of … Continue reading