After Ferguson, What Does the Lord Require? Justice!

“What do we want? JUSTICE!  When do we want it? NOW!” In the aftermath of the Grand Jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson on any charges in the death of Michael Brown, I can only imagine that the … Continue reading

You Cannot Peacefully Co-Exist With Evil!

Let’s all just get along. How, pray tell, do you get along with evil?  Is it possible or even advisable to desire to live with those who are, at their core, evil? The simple answer, which so many Pro-Palestinian (i.e., … Continue reading

Catching Fish & Catching People in the Gospel Net

My dad loved to fish.  He could get up before the sun, head out to the lake or the Gulf of Mexico (when we were on vacation in Englewood, FL), and spend all day fishing, even if he never caught … Continue reading

The National Cathedral & Muslim Prayer: A Church No More?

“Here is the church, here is the steeple.  Open up the door and here’s all the people.” That childhood rhyme, illustrated with both hands, clearly encapsulates the Biblical principle that the church, at its heart, is about the people.  One … Continue reading