Health, Vanity & High School Reunions

How ironic that one of my older posts — “Big Fat Baptist Preacher & Baptisms!” – would beĀ among the firstĀ that the Revive Old Post plugin would “choose” to retweet. I wish I was able to look at that post — … Continue reading

A New Season for From Law to Grace Blog

After a rather lengthy, self-imposed hiatus, I will be returning to a normal posting schedule after Labor Day. What normal looks like I don’t really know, but expect anywhere from three to five posts per week (depending on my family, … Continue reading

The Radical Selection of David Platt to Lead IMB

David Platt, well-known author of such books as “Radical” and “Follow Me” and, Pastor of the Church at Brook Hills (a Southern Baptist congregation in Birmingham, AL), was elected by the Board of Trustees to be the new President of … Continue reading

The Pope, The President & Moral Clarity

With his approval numbers hovering in low 40s, President Obama probably hopes that his first visit with Pope Francis will redound to his benefit. It very well may, but perhaps not like the President was expecting. For the first time … Continue reading

Hobby Lobby & the Left’s Appeasement of the Abortion god

When it comes to the so-called “contraceptive mandate” provision of the Affordable Care Act, the Obama Administration and the pro-abortion left will stop at nothing in their efforts to appease the abortion god. As anti-Christian as many of President Obama’s … Continue reading